-The second step of the production process is the mix-

In order to have a great mix, you have to start with a solid performance and a quality recording. The most import thing to know about mixing, is that mixing can not fix a bad recording, or a poor performance. If either of those two key elements are done wrong, the final mix will suffer because of it.

Below is an example of the difference between a recorded song and a mixed song.

Before Mix

Here is an example of what an unmixed recording sounds like.

This recording has no plug ins or processing on it, and was recorded with a Shure SM7b into a Universal Audio 710 preamp. Since this was the hook of the song, we tracked the vocal 3 times to make it sound bigger in the final mix.

After Mix

Here is an example of the same recording after it has been mixed.

This mix has multiple EQs, compressors, deessers, reverbs, delays, and auto tune processing on all the vocals. We use the best of Waves, UA, and Slate plug-ins for all of our mixes.

We charge $50 per mix

This includes up to 2 mix revisions if needed.